Gas Cutting Systems

Manual Gas Cutters

Our company offer premium quality Manual Gas Cutters to our valued clients with various features to provide efficient solution for Gas cuttinng.


  • These are well design to ensure its flawless performance and easy maintenance.
  • 303 NM Torch serve various advantages due to its nozzle mix system. These are obtained with PNM nozzle that can be use with LPG and also with ANM nozzle that can be use with Acetylene as fuel gas.
  • It holds the capacity to performing wider range of operations just by changing the nozzle as per the requirement of job.
  • Our product is highly safe to touch and operate and is particularly suitable when on the same shop floor, various gases need to use.

Gas Cutting Torch

We provide an exclusive range of Gas Cutting Torch to our valued clients. On the top of these machine mount is torch lever that helps in decreases exhaustion of the operator.




  • These are highly safe to use as it include three seat types of nozzles (ANM/PNM)
  • Suitable when on the same shop floor various gages need to used
  • Can handle extensive operation at the same time by just changing its nozzles as per the requirement
  • Avail with locking lever facility for longer lengths of thick plates cutting
  • 304 NM rugged torches is fabricated using new metallic design for its flawless performance

Panther NM

We are providing various Portable gas cutting machine that comes with outstanding features that makes them above the class.


Cutting capicity : 100 mm of mild steel with nmc-100s torch
Circle cutting : 150 to 1200mm diameter

King Hose Pipe

We are manufacturer of HOse Pipes and other gas cutting accessories that are manufactured as per IS 447. These hose pipes are specially designed for Ody-Acetylene welding and cutting.


  • Highly flexible
  • Excellent Electrical Resistant
  • Light in weight
  • High Abrasion Resistant
  • Supplied in 50 meter lengths packed in box
  • Blue colour for Oxygen gas & Red colour for fuel gas

King Panther Gas Cutting Systems

Approx Price: Rs 12,900 / Piece 

Our wide gamut of welding and cutting machine alos comprise of King Panther Gas Cutting Systems that comes with various advance fetures.




• No backfire during cutting because of "Nozzle-Mix" technology.
• Aluminium die cast body with ventilation holes reduces overheating of motor and other electrical parts.
• Unbreakable, smooth and precise horizontal and vertical adjustment of torch.
• Bevel setting with locking facility means bevel accuracy during long cutting.
• Remote mounted gas control knobs make flame adjustment during cutting operation easy.
• Single lever ON-OFF control for cutting Oxygen makes the stopping and restarting of cutting very easy and saves Oxygen.
• Stainless steel heat reflectors (2 nos. with air gap), protect the motor from heat during cutting thus adding to the life of the machine.
• Travels on standard 1.8 mtr extruded Aluminium rail.

King Tiger Gas Cutting Systems

We offer Heavy duty portable gas cutting machine with facility of clutch arrangement for easy manual movement. Machines can be used for gas cutting with two torches simultaneously (this facility is however optional)Torch is with nozzle mix technology for gas cutting with 3 seat nozzles Machine is supplied with steel rail of 1.8mtr length. Sturdy, does not get easily damaged.Speed variation is through mechanical cone-pulley arrangement (maintenance free).


  • Easy movement
  • Can be used for gas cutting with two torches simultaneously
  • Steel rail of 1.8mtr length

King Gas Welding Blow Pipe (Torch)

This balanced blow pipe is for versatile applications using Oxygen and Acetylene gases. It is most suitable for Gas welding and Brazing applications in general workshops and welding shops of large organizations.

Torch is designed with safety purpose to give dependable performance.Only 5 tips are able to cater for Gas Welding / Brazing from 0.8 mm to 35 mm thick plates.These are swaged copper tubes.This is a better engineered safety product designed to give dependable protection against backfire.This blowpipe has been designed as all metallic from outside.


  • Suitable for Gas welding and Brazing applications
  • Gas Welding / Brazing from 0.8 mm to 35 mm thick plates
  • Protection against backfire
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